About CHA

+CHA History
The Hispanic Consortium has been in existence since the 1970’s when the leadership of the Southwest Detroit Latino organizations determined the need to work more closely together. All of the partner organizations are indigenous to the Southwest Detroit Latino community, having been founded by long-time community residents and activists.

Our organizations were developed to address gaps in culturally competent services for the growing Latino population. The structure of the Consortium of Hispanic Agencies (CHA) was formalized in 2010 after the Latino-led agency members were able to leverage funding from the Skillman foundation to strengthen the capacity and implementation of this long-held dream, this creating the pipelines for the community sustainability.

+CHA Purpose
The purpose of the Consortium is to represent the diverse needs of the Southwest Detroit’s community as “one voice” of Latino led community organizations strengthening youth and families, growing a sustainable economic future, cultivating leadership and philanthropy, and developing a better and healthier community
+CHA Accomplishments


Collaborated with Wayne State University, Chicano Boricua Studies to develop a strategic plan for a Detroit Latino Agenda, developing call to action subcommittees to advocate on issues of: Culture, Arts & Media; Education; Social and Community Issues; Economic and Community Development; Health; Labor and Employment; Political Empowerment; and Finance


Worked with the Mayor’s Office to address community concerns and advocate for Latino representation in Departments and commissions


Held series of meetings with Governor Granholm and several Directors of State Departments including MLEG/Adult Education, MDCH, MDOC, and the State Superintendent to discuss issues facing the Latino community


Worked as a collaboration of agencies to garner and leverage foundation funding to implement into action the structure of the Consortium of Hispanic Agencies

+CHA's community
Southwest Detroit is a community of more than 100,000 people and is a very unique, defined geographic area of approximately 30 square miles, and is geographically as well as socially isolated from the rest of the city. This community is the most culturally diverse in the state and has the largest concentration of Hispanic/Latinos in the state. The number of Latinos in Wayne County has increased from 50,506 in 1990 to 99,047 in 2007, with the majority of those (65,000) living in Southwest Detroit. It is projected that the Hispanic population will nearly triple from 1990 to 2035 in Southeast Michigan. (Hispanics in Southeast Michigan: Characteristics & Economic Contributions, 2008) The Southwest sector of Detroit is one of the only areas in the city that has experienced a population growth within the past 20 years.
Our goals:

  • Strengthen both the individual partner organizations as well as the collaborative infrastructure of the Consortium.
  • Expand the collective impact in the Southwest Detroit community and empower the community to advocate for its people.
  • Effective improvements in the social-economic environmental conditions though the development of strategic plan focused on an updated “Latino Agenda”
  • Create and advocate for new, or modified existing, public policies and systems affecting youth and families in order to be more responsive to the needs of the Latino population in Southwest Detroit as well as the broader community statewide.

Community Partners